aa watercolour artist focusing on florals/botanicals and landscapes.  

Most evenings, after my two little kids are in bed, I can be found in my little studio painting to country music and releasing the tensions of the day.  Painting is food for my soul; simultaneously therapeutic and challenging.  

Art has always been a part of who I am. My early love for drawing stems from my two artistic grandparents, who encouraged me in my development and interest. I pursued art through high school and post secondary schooling, and it was during my studies at Alberta College of Art and Design that I was able to dabble in different mediums and discover the love of painting. I started painting with oils, falling in love with them and proclaiming I would never use any other medium. Two years ago I decided to challenge myself and try my hand at watercolour. I can't pinpoint exactly what it was that captured me...perhaps it was the way the colours moved on the paper, so organically and naturally. I loved how the colours created something so unexpected, something so unplanned. This excited me! 

Today I primarily paint in watercolour, though every now and then I open up my oil box and have some fun. The familiar smell of oils will always remind me of my beginnings as a painter. 

I live in Calgary, Alberta (born and raised here) with my husband and two children. My inspirations come from my surroundings. I love spending any free moment I have in my garden getting my fingernails full of black earth. So naturally flowers are common subjects in my work!  Also, our great prairies and mountains around this city and province are spectacular, providing me with endless opportunities to paint landscapes.  

I paint to nurture peace and contentment within myself. But I paint for you as well, so that you too can feel joy and tranquility when you look at a piece of my art. My desire is to bring even more beauty and warmth into your home.

Thank you for stopping by my site and sharing an interest in what I do!


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